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CO2-free Hydrogen Production – Building system components for continuous pyrolysis reactor

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Energy Storage – Grid-scale thermal and compressed air energy storage

Cataglyph Cooling – Wearable cooling solutions for outdoor workers

Financial Transparency Tool – Visualizing MIT’s sponsored research funding

Low Carbon Air Freight – Decarbonizing overseas freight transport

Electricity Grid Analysis – Data pipeline for power plant emissions analysis

Low Carbon Cooling – Multi-stage evaporative cooler

Drip Irrigation – Control system to prove feasibility and lower system cost; published conference paper

Algae + Fiber Optics – Increasing algae yield

Iron Man yo-yo – 2.008 team project

Silk structures – Fabricating a tensegrity structure for silkworms

Mycelium – internship at Ecovative Design

2.007 Robot – Designed and built competition robot

Evaporative Cooling – Quantifying effects of material choice and wind speed on cooling rate

DIY Flashlight – Product of machine shop training

Soft robotic hand – Explored what a multi-material printer can do; published paper

Signature Tracking – Final project for 2.086

Climber (medical stretcher concept) – Hackathon project

Climate Change Predictions – Final project for Intro to Ecology

Deck Shuffler – Group project for Intro to Making

Edge-lit Sign – Introductory project for Intro to Making

Water Quality Sensing – Swarming robots to dynamically collect water quality data