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More recent classes listed first.

Grad school – year 2

2.THG Graduate Thesis
16.S298 Design of High Temperature Materials
— —
2.096 Introduction to Modeling and Simulation
2.THG Graduate Thesis
11.477 Urban Energy Systems and Policy

Grad school – year 1

2.55 Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer
2.THG Graduate Thesis
18.0851 Computation Science & Engineering I
— —
2.42 General Thermodynamics
2.THG Graduate Thesis

Senior Year

2.014 Engineering Systems Development
2.60 Fundamentals of Advanced Energy Conversion
15.2191 Global Energy: Politics, Markets, and Policy [Paper]
MAS.700 News and Participatory Media [Posts]
— —
1.801 Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics: Pollution Prevention and Control
2.760 Global Engineering [Drip Irrigation Control System]
6.034 Artificial Intelligence
12.385 Science, Politics, and Environmental Policy

Junior Year

2.006 Thermal-Fluids Engineering II
2.007 Design and Manufacturing I [2.007 robot]
2.008 Design and Manufacturing II [Iron Man yo-yo]
14.44 Energy, Economics, and Policy
— —
2.005 Thermal-Fluids Engineering I
2.S670 Mechanical Engineering Tools [DIY Flashlight]
2.671 Measurement & Instrumentation [Evaporative Cooling]
2.678 Electronics for Mechanical Systems
12.021 Earth Science, Energy, & the Environment
14.01 Microeconomics

Sophomore Year

2.001 Mechanics and Materials I
2.03 Dynamics I
2.04 Systems and Controls
2.086 Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers [Signature Tracking]
6.0001 Introduction to Computer Science Programming in Python
17.906 Reading Seminar in Social Science
21W.775 Writing about Nature and Environmental Issues
— —
1.010 Uncertainty in Engineering
1.018 Fundamentals of Ecology [Climate Change Predictions]
1.060 Fluid Mechanics
2.S973 Introduction to Making [Deck Shuffler, Edge-lit Sign]
21M.600 Introduction to Acting

Freshman Year

7.014 Introductory Biology
8.02 Physics II
14.02 Principles of Macroeconomics
18.03 Differential Equations
— —
6.906 StartMIT: Workshop (IAP)
— —
5.111 Principles of Chemical Science
8.01 Physics I
18.02 Multivariable Calculus
21H.001 How to Stage a Revolution
EC.A740 D-Lab Discovery