Articles I’ve been reading lately

Pieces from WIRED’s latest issue on climate change which focuses on how everyone can contribute to climate change solutions and some highlights of already available or recently developed technology. I like the author’s point about informed optimism as an attitude which keeps you grounded and places you in a mindset to shape the future, not merely adapt to it as a realist mindset might.


WIRED – Biden’s Path to Victory Does Not Bode Well for Voters draws parallels between the free media coverage given to Trump during the 2016 election and Biden’s current media coverage. The article also goes to talk about how timing of news relesase about COVID-19 from federal agenices like the CDC could influence turnout.


Fast Company – “Muji Is Not A Trend”: How Design Fuels Muji’s Growth talks abut how Muji’s belief that customers value good design over brand names. Although it’s not quite the same, Muji’s products reminds me Dieter Rams’ style and incorporates some of his ten principles of good design.

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