What I’ve been up to outside of class.


January: mentoring undergraduate to continue work on the Financial Transparency Tool, taking workshops on leadership and science policy, conditioning for ultimate, outside engagements committee, prototyping climate change adaptation idea


January (aka IAP): Hack Lodge (for Financial Transparency Tool), research – Electricity Grid Analysis, low carbon air freight project

Spring: research – Electricity Grid Analysis, figuring out graduate school, MakerWorkshop mentor, low carbon air freight

Summer: traveled with family and friends, read books, got Sandbox funding for low carbon air freight

Fall: started research as a graduate student, playing ultimate frisbee, joined Committee on Outside Engagements (article from The Tech), attended thermal energy storage conference, shelved low carbon air freight project


January: research – algae & fiber optics, research – silk structures, visualizing university research funding sources, built a desktop PC

Spring: MakeMIT 2018, research – algae & fiber opticsresearch – silk structures, visualizing university research funding sources

Summer: mycelium

Fall: MakerWorkshop mentor, research – Electricity Grid Analysis


January: Intro to electric vehicle design, began vegetarian diet

Spring: MakeMIT 2017

Summer: research – Soft Robotic Hand, traveled Israel

Fall: research – algae & fiber optics


January: Plume Labs @ Consumer Electronics Show, StartMIT

Spring: Design for America

Summer: research – water quality sensing (CENSAM), traveled Singapore and nearby countries

Fall: research – silk nanoparticles (Marelli Lab)


Fall: started MIT, Design For America